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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 14 1999 2:39pm
Subject:help with connect error
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>>>>> "Verle" == Verle Harrison <batterywholesale@stripped>
> writes:

Verle> Hi folks:
Verle> I am getting this error when I try to telnet on to server and go into mysql:

Verle> ERROR 2002: Can't connect to local MySQL server (2)

Verle> but I can access mysql just fine via PHP.  (grep shows mysql to be running
> also)

Verle> Two questions:

Verle> 1.  What is wrong?

Please search after the above string in the MySQL manual;  You fill
find a full explanation of this error message in it.

Verle> 2. Where can I find a list of error messages generated my mysql and an
Verle> explanation of them-- what does 2002 mean and what does the (2) mean? I have
Verle> gotten other numbers in the () such as (146)

You can get the errors in () described by doing:

'perror error-number'

The MySQL internal error message (2002), can be used to check for
an error message in a language independent way.

The mysqld_error.h file has a list of the different error numbers.

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