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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 29 1999 12:39am
Subject:HELP!!! with Register Win32 MySQL installation
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>>>>> "Brandon" == Brandon Shuey <brandon@stripped> writes:

Brandon> I have Version 3.22.21 running under NT4.0 SP4.
Brandon> I have install 3.22 over 3.21.  I did by install 3.22 on c:/mysql then copying
> all folders except c:/mysql/data over to e:/mysql
Brandon> where my 3.21 was located.

Brandon> I have the following in the file c:/my.cnf:
Brandon> # Uncomment the following to move the mysql distribution to another
> locatation
Brandon> basedir = e:/mysql/
Brandon> tmpdir = e:/mysql/temp/

Brandon> I get the following when I try this command:
Brandon> mysqld-nt --install
Brandon> net start mysql
Brandon> "A system error has ocurred. System error 1067 has occurred..."

Brandon> I am allow to start the process in --standalone, however when I try the
> mysqlshow I get the following error:
Brandon> mysqlshow: unrecongnized option '--basedir=e:/mysql/'
Brandon> mysqlshow Ver 6.2 Distrib 3.22.21 for Win95/Win98.


The problem is that all options in my.cnf are now in effect for all
MySQL programs.

Try changing my.cnf to:

basedir = e:/mysql/
tmpdir = e:/mysql/temp/

Note that if mysqld doesn't start, there should be a 'mysqld.err' file 
somewhere (c:\mysql or e:\mysql) with the reason why mysqld didn't start!

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