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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 28 1999 10:08pm
Subject:Reconnect questions
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>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Marshall <Paul_Marshall@stripped> writes:

Paul> Dear list.  I have looked through the documentation and archives
Paul> and haven't found anything useful for my situation.  I am using
Paul> MySQL on Windows95, 98, and NT in a MDI application A problem
Paul> occurs making a second connection in a second window.
Paul> Regardless weather or not the first window is open.  I get an
Paul> CR_IPSOCK_ERROR error when trying to connect in the second
Paul> window.  I am calling the following in this sequence:

Paul> mysql_init mysql_real_ connect mysql_query mysql_store_result
Paul> mysql_num_fields mysql_fetch_fields mysql_num_rows
Paul> mysql_fetch_row // here I process the rows in a loop
Paul> mysql_free_result mysql_close

Paul> Is there something I'm missing?  This works perfectly for the
Paul> first window I create but doesn't work when I open a new window
Paul> mysql_real_connect gives back NULL.  I retrieve the error number
Paul> using mysql_errno then call mysql close. The error number
Paul> returned is CR_IPSOCK_ERROR.

Paul> If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.


Your calls looks ok.

CR_IPSOCK_ERROR means that the windows 'call


didn't work.

mysql_error() should include the error number from the socket call.

Can you print out this to check what happens.

Can you also try to connect with two mysql clients at the same time?

If you want you can use the MyODBC source to compile an own version
of mysqlclient.lib to make it easier to debug..

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