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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 28 1999 10:09pm
Subject:thread/run-all-test on HP UX 10.20
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>>>>> "brendeke" == brendeke  <brendeke@stripped> writes:

brendeke> Hello, I have just configured/build/tes/installed MySQL
brendeke> 3.22.21 on HP-UX 10.20.  it all works, but I found a (small)
brendeke> problem when running the BecnhMark suite: Some tests fail
brendeke> with an error that a file can not be opened?  Like the ATIS
brendeke> test, it failes on inserting data: can't open file:
brendeke> 'retriction.ISM' However, this file IS created, and seems to
brendeke> be OK???

brendeke> Although I found some questions regarding the above problem
brendeke> I couldn't find a suitable answer, so please help. What is
brendeke> going on.

What is the exact error message ?

The probably cause is that you don't have given MySQL enough file
descriptors;  Try editing 'safe_mysql' and uncomment the 'limit -n'

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