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From:Dave Crawford Date:April 28 1999 8:59pm
Subject:Re: Primary Key Renumbering... Bug?
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It was a 'undocumented' bug in the version I was using(3.22.16a-gamma).
I upgraded this afternoon to 3.22.21 and the problem went away. I say
'undocumented' because I checked the 'Changes' list in the documentation
and it makes no mention of this anomaly being fixed. Thanks to everyone
for their time.


Michael Widenius wrote:
> >>>>> "Dave" == Dave Crawford <crawford@stripped> writes:
> Dave> I apologize for my mistype last night, it was late. What I meant was:
> Dave> delete from table where (ID < 40);
> Dave>                             ^
> Dave> Where I deleted all records with an ID of less than 40. I tested it
> Dave> again this morning and yes, it definitely moves the record in the #40
> Dave> 'slot' down to #1 along with 'sliding' down the remaining records.
> Dave> Thanks again.
> Hi!
> Please post a full, 'ready to run', example of this.  I am 99 % sure
> that the above can't be true!
> Regards,
> Monty
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