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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 28 1999 11:50am
Subject:Database corruption.
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>>>>> "Jean" == Jean Claude LAFFITTE <jc.laffitte@stripped>
> writes:

Jean> Hi,
Jean> I've a little problem with my database,

Jean> this last times, I've noticed that some queries take a long time (about
Jean> 10 sec).
Jean> These queries  where generated from a CGI script, using perl DBI and I
Jean> was used to get the results in less than 1 sec.

Jean> I've run isamchk on all the tables, sorting index, sorting rows.
Jean> I've check for errors with -r and -o options.
Jean> After that, the problem remains the same.

Jean> I've done a mysqldump of the database, and than create a new one from
Jean> the dump.
Jean> The queries works fine (less than 1 sec) on the new database.

Jean> Did I forget something with isamchk ? Anybody have an idea ??

Jean> I use mysql in a Linux Box (Redhat 5.1 with Kernel  2.0.35 ) and I've
Jean> recently upgrade mysql to 3.22.21 
Jean> (the problem was here before the upgrade with mysql 3.21.29a)

Jean> Jean Claude LAFFITTE


Can you create an EXPLAIN of the query that takes 10 seconds?
Did you check the table with 'isamchk -e table_name' ?

To be able to help you find this problem, we need a lot more information.
We have written about this in:

PLEASE read the above before reposting your question, this will save us all
a lot of time!

Database corruption.Jean Claude LAFFITTE28 Apr
  • Database corruption.Michael Widenius28 Apr