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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 26 2000 7:32pm
Subject:Re: MySQL show databases behavior
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>>>>> "Sinisa" == Sinisa Milivojevic <sinisa@stripped> writes:

Sinisa> On Wed, 19 Jan 2000, Joshua J. Drake wrote:
>> Is it possible to make the behavior of "show databases" list only the
>> databases that the current user has access to?
>> Or is it too much?
>> please let me know..
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>> Joshua J. Drake  - jdrake@stripped -
>> Web/UNIX/Win32 Software Developer and Systems Security Analyst

Sinisa> HI!

Sinisa> It is not presently possible. It could be possible, but then again a user
> might
Sinisa> not have any rights in that database, but all rights for every table in that
Sinisa> database ?? How would this be treated.

If you have access to a single table in a database, you have should
see that database with SHOW DATABASES, as you can in fact use part of it.

Sinisa> For what you need you better use show grants command, available since 3.23.4,
Sinisa> which will give you databases user has access to.

But this doesn't solve the problem of helping the user quickly check
the databases he can use.

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