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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 28 1999 8:59am
Subject:Linux 2.2/ MySQL 3.21 compile probs
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>>>>> "Suresh" == Suresh Rajagopalan <sraja@stripped> writes:

Suresh> I'm having some trouble compiling 3.21.33b on Linux 2.2.5 box.  The
Suresh> error is shown below.   If someone has a fix I'd greatly appreciate a
Suresh> email.

Suresh> I guess I can use 3.22.21 which compiles OK on this box, but I am
Suresh> migrating from a Solaris/3.21 setup so I'd like to minimize any
Suresh> differences.  

Suresh> Thanks
Suresh> Suresh


Please read the changes section in the MySQL manual;  I can't see any
real reason why not upgrading to 3.22 !

The error you got indicates that your gcc is not correctly installed.
Can you also try to upgrade to egcs 1.1.2 and try again?

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