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From:Luuk de Boer Date:January 1 1970 12:00am
Subject:Re: Can not run mySQL web - based app
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On 27 Apr 99, at 13:15, Yan Bekker wrote:

> I need help setting up a web - based mySQL application. I creted a Perl
> script using DBI module to interface with the mySQL database. The script
> works fine from command line, but does not work when called by another
> CGI script. Permissions seem to be in order. I will appreciate any and
> all assistance.

My experience is saying that it will be a permission problem on 
your unix machine. Maybe the cgi script can't execute the script 
because he can't access the path or it don't have an execute bit.
try something like in the dir where your cgi script is standing:
su nobody /test/perl/ 
else take a look in your error log file of your webserver.
(nobody is the user where your webserver is running under).


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