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From:Bruno Mairlot Date:January 24 2000 10:30pm
Subject:About table fields type
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I wasn't probably too clear in my previous email about table field.
So let me explain what I would like to do :

My goal is to create a database browser. This browser will let you see
all your database, tables and fields.

If you select a table, then I would like to see all the fields, their
type, and a possibility to change or alter them.

But to achieve this, I need a very important feature : I need to know
the TYPE (integer, string, ...) of the fields of a table.

There is in the C API the function : MYSQL_RES *mysql_list_fields(MYSQL
*mysql, char *tbname,char *wild)

This function doesn't give me the type in the format I would like to
have. It a result set and not MYSQL_FIELD set.

With the method mysql_field_list I can parse the second column. For
example int(11) would be of integer and a size of x. blob would be
string, text would be string, and so on.

I wish I wouldn't have to do that.
Is there a way to get a MYSQL_FIELD structure that describe a table and
all its field ?

This is very important for me to achieve my goal.


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