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From:Nem W Schlecht Date:April 27 1999 8:33pm
Subject:Re: transaction support
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Sasha Pachev e-mailed me on Tue Apr 27 15:22:37 1999
(Re: "Re: transaction support")
> - Have special option "enable_transactions" 
> - When it is on, never actually execute a query, but
>just put in in a queue
> - On commit flush the queue executing the queries.
> - On rollback flush the queue not executing the

Sounds interesting.  Some special locking mechanism would be needed to lock
the db when flush the queue, but other than that it sounds nice.  I'd also
suggest calling it "enable_queue" or some *other* name that "transactions"
so as to not confuse those who are looking for transactions.  (ie newbie
asking "Why can't I see my results before I commit?")

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