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From:Sasha Pachev Date:April 27 1999 8:22pm
Subject:Re: transaction support
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David Wall wrote:
> I'm just getting familiar with mysql to see if we can use it with some
> success in our Java application.  Does mysql have any transaction support
> ala postgresql?  Transactions are not mentioned in the features list, so I
> suspect not, but I know that it's a bit of a worry not to be able to ensure
> ACID properties are maintained -- at least with respect to multiple tables
> within a single db.

No, transactions are not supported and will not be in
the near future ( see manual). However, I was thinking
about it recently, it should not be to hard to make
commit and rollback actually do something similar to
what they are supposed to. Here is the idea:

 - Have special option "enable_transactions" 
 - When it is on, never actually execute a query, but
just put in in a queue
 - On commit flush the queue executing the queries.
 - On rollback flush the queue not executing the

The only difference I see between this and the real
transactions is that you cannot see the results of your
uncommitted work, and correct me if I am wrong, 70% of
the time an application that relies on transactions does
not care to see the results of its work until it commits
anyway. What do you guys think, is this something
worthwhile or not?

Sasha Pachev (home) (work)
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