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From:Marc Antony Vose Date:March 15 1999 1:28pm
Subject:returning table name
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Hey there.

This may be an elementary question, and if so, I apologize, but I can't
seem to find a reference to it in my book or the MySQL manual.  I'm new at

I'm running a games site off MySQL, and I've got three tables: games,
hardware and utilities.

I want to query all three tables at once and return "upcoming products".
The problem is, I need to distinguish between games, hardware and
utilities, but I want it in one list.

So, I'd like it to return the table name along with each row, like so:

name         table

Baseball     games
Blah Blah    utilities
Joystick X   hardware
Quake        games

Is this possible?


Marc Antony Vose
Founder, Mac Game Database

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