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From:Christian Mack Date:April 27 1999 6:13pm
Subject:Re: Script - data into outfile
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"Sweeney, Darren L" wrote:
> Hi, second posting .... still struggling I'm afraid ...
> I am creating a web-based reporting database and want to interact with
> Crystal Reports for the actual paper reports which will be generated.
> This is what I need to do:
> Do the search from the web which will search the MySQL db for the data
> needed ....
> Once the data is found I need to automatically export that data to the
> directory within which the Crystal report executable will be stored.
> Then a link from the browser will activate the executable which will produce
> the reports needed using the data exported.
> The part I am struggling with is automatically scripting to load the found
> set into a data/text file, any ideas?
> All help appreciated.
> Regards
> Darren

Hi Darren

What you are searching for is the SELECT INTO OUTFILE syntax.
This will write the data to a file on the mysql server.
You have to guarantee that the user mysqld is running as has write priviledges to the
Crystal Report directory.
And the user you run your query must have the File_priv.

Hope this helps

Script - data into outfileDarren L Sweeney27 Apr
  • Re: Script - data into outfileChristian Mack27 Apr