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From:John Foley Date:January 21 2000 1:04pm
Subject:RE: Anyone seen a "sales/invoices/inventory" interface for MySQL
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	I have been developing an integrated project management system
that does exactly this.
	I have Managers' reports, detailed data input and modification, and
like in a collection of Access 97 applications, while the vast majority of
volume comes from a PSP3 WWW application that about 200 people are using.
	I'm very happy with the level or integration possible when using
based applications combined with WWW applications.

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> Subject:	Re: Anyone seen a "sales/invoices/inventory" interface for
> MySQL?
> > A good compromise might be to make a web interface to selected features 
> > (e.g. read-only quick reports, or some simple data entry) that the
> masses 
> > need to access, and create a full client for selected privileged users, 
> > which both pull data from the same server.
> I've been thinking something similar, for a tentative project of my own --
> maybe doing web front-end to take orders, print basic invoices and keep
> client info, so there would be a single interface for users on the Web and
> for inside sales people taking phone orders, but dump the order info out
> every day for import into a standard accounting package that would track
> inventory and sales (COD orders account for about 50% of the product
> moved) and all the other real *accounting* work.  Has anyone done
> something like that? Can you recommend a good accounting package that
> would make that import fairly easy for a biz with only a few products?
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