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From:Colin McKinnon Date:January 20 2000 4:18pm
Subject:Re: Oracle vs. MySQL: Major Differences???
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At 09:58 20/01/00 -0500, Jeff Fitzgerald wrote:
>	I am learning MySQL, but want to also get into Oracle 8. I understand that 
>there are core differences
>in how both approach the database (tablespace vs. multiple databases?). 
This is to do with the initial installation. MySQL uses files in the
filesystem to hold tables and indices. A 'database' is simply a directory
containing these files. Oracle creates large files in the OS's filesystem
then effectively creates its own filesystem in the space it has occupied.
There are implications for space usage, expansion and backups, but not for
database programming.

>What should I look for when trying
>to convey my MySQL to Oracle? BTW, I love MySQL and will continue to learn 
>and use it. It's just at work I must
>use Oracle.
Your MySQL stuff should run fine on Oracle - there may be some minor
differences but on the whole MySQL is a subset of Oracle SQL. (you should
be able to move stuff across using mysqldump).

The reverse is a lot more complicated as MySQL doesn't do everything Oracle
does. Stuff to watch out for particularly are VIEWS, stored procedures and
sub-selects (a SELECT/UPDATE/DELETE statement containg a SELECT statement).



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