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From:Sandrine C. Date:April 27 1999 1:47pm
Subject:Starting Mysql, Server
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I am very new to mysql

I have installed a package of MYSQL 3.21 on Linux RH5.2
I join a file where are written all my mysql files.. incase someone
like to have a look and tell me if installation correct

to start ( or try to ..) Mysql I do : 
[root@localhost schypre]# /usr/bin/safe_mysqld &
[1] 2666
[root@localhost schypre]# Starting mysqld demon with databases from
mysqld demon ended

[1]+  Done                    /usr/bin/safe_mysqld
[root@localhost schypre]# mysql
ERROR 2002: Can't connect to local MySQL server  

WHY ??? What Shall I do ??

I saw this in the news... so I insert it in the bashrx file.
but it didnt help me much...What am I suppose to do with this?? does
knows what to do >MYSQL_UNIX_PORT=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock

Furthermore the system doesnt know mysql_install_db
bash: mysql_install_db: command not found 

Thank a lot for your help


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