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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 27 1999 8:25am
Subject:Can't Create TEXT/BLOB fields on SUN.
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>>>>> "Education" == Education Image <- Omer Altay"
> <omera@stripped>> writes:

Education> We've been accessing a MySQL database with TEXT fields on a Linux
Education> machine running mySQL 3.21.30 without a problem. But we had to dump the
Education> database to a SUN Ultra 2 Box running mySQL 3.20.Gamma, but now we can't
Education> create the TEXT/BLOB fields that we originally had on this SUN version
Education> of mySQL.

Education> Keeps coming up with:
Education> ERROR 2000: parse error near 'TEXT)' at line x

Education> can someone explain...

3.20 is very old and doesn't support TEXT;  Just edit the dump file
and change TEXT to BLOB.

I would really recommend an upgrade to 3.22.21 instead!

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