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From:Flemming Funch Date:April 27 1999 8:28am
Subject:MySQL buffer parameters
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I might be stupid, but I can't seem to figure out how to change the
parameters for buffers in mySQL. The manual seems clear enough, about which
parameters I need to add to the call to safe_mysql. So, I run something
like this:

/usr/bin/safe_mysqld -O key_buffer=32M -O table_cache=256 -O sort_buffer=8M
-O record_buffer=2M &

And to check if it took it, I go and run /usr/sbin/mysqld --help

.. and it shows me the same old default settings, and nothing runs anything

I go and look in /usr/bin/safe_mysqld, and I see nothing at all that seems
involved in picking up parameters from the command line. So, I doctor it to
call /usr/sbin/mysqld with those parameters. Still the same result.

Is there something basic I don't know? I'm running RedHat5.2 and it is
mysql-3.21.30 from an RPM called mysql-3.21.30-rh50.1

This is what mysqld --help tells me:
back_log              current value: 5l
join_buffer           current value: 131072l
key_buffer            current value: 1048568l
max_allowed_packet    current value: 65536l
max_connections       current value: 90l
max_join_size         current value: 4294967295l
max_sort_length       current value: 1024l
net_buffer_length     current value: 8192l
record_buffer         current value: 131072l
sort_buffer           current value: 2097144l
table_cache           current value: 64l
tmp_table_size        current value: 1048576l
thread_stack          current value: 65536l

- Flemming

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