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From:Erik Liljencrantz Date:April 27 1999 8:23am
Subject:Re: Can't Create TEXT/BLOB fields on SUN.
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At 16:38 1999-04-27 +1000, Education Image - Omer Altay wrote:
>We've been accessing a MySQL database with TEXT fields on a Linux
>machine running mySQL 3.21.30 without a problem. But we had to dump the
>database to a SUN Ultra 2 Box running mySQL 3.20.Gamma, but now we can't
>create the TEXT/BLOB fields that we originally had on this SUN version
>of mySQL.
>Keeps coming up with:
>ERROR 2000: parse error near 'TEXT)' at line x

I belive the TEXT type was introduced after version 3.20.x (probably
3.21.x). For many applications there is no difference between BLOB and
TEXT. The main reason for having different types is for ODBC support as
applications like MS Access shows TEXT fields as Memo fields and BLOB as
ActiveX objects.

Either upgrade Your mySQL version on Solaris or replace TEXT with BLOB in
Your dumps (take care to only replace it in table definitions and not if
the word text appear in Your data. One easy way to accomplish this and
avoid editing potentially laaarge data dumps is by doing two dumps, one for
definitions (mysqldump -d) and one with data (mysqldump -t)).

>can someone explain...

I tried to...

  Erik L.

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