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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 18 2000 8:01pm
Subject:Re: errno vs error
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At 9:37 AM -0800 01-18-2000, sasha@stripped wrote:
>Paul Ferris wrote:
>>  I'm currently pissing around with php3 and mysql.
>>  My php3 that I have built does not include the
>>  mysql_errno function, just the mysql_error function.
>>  Just wondering if anybody out there has the reason,
>>  these are the versions:
>>  apache_1.3.9
>>  mysql-3.23.5-alpha
>>  php-3.0.11
>>  Is this a php3 issue?  I've been all over the manuals
>>  trying to find out why it's in my documentation but not
>>  my implementation...
>>  Thanks for your time
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>My guess is that this might have something to do with the fact that
>mysql_errno() happened to be a macro, when PHP expected it to be a 
>function, but
>this is just a guess -- can you do nm  on your libmysqlclient.a (or
>, libphp3.a or ( and see what they 
>have regarding
>mysql_errno() ?

That's correct.  Look for defined(mysql_errno) in functions/mysql.c and
change the tests not to expect mysql_errno to be a macro.  I thought
I had a patch for this sitting around somewhere, but I can't find it

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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