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From:Colin McKinnon Date:January 18 2000 9:53am
Subject:Re: Mainframe interface to MySQL
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At 13:24 17/01/00 -0800, Rolle, Ted wrote:
>I'm using FTP to transfer a file to a Linux box, which then inserts the data
>into a database.
>It seems that it would be more effective to access MySQL directly from the
>I'm a S/360 assembler programmer and can (probably) get the cooperation of
>the system programming and network geeks.
>Where do we start?

Got a c compiler? If so then compile the client library on the mainframe
and write your own program. Otherwise read the source and write your own!

Its not the way I'd do it tho...if you have a decent scripting language on
the mainframe, you could use a telnet session to run the mysql client on
the Linux box and fire the data through that. Or even do it the other way
round - there are plenty of choices for scripting languages on Linux. You
don't have to use telnet - you could fetch the file to the Linux box using
wget or curl, then run the program of your choice to load it into the

Or right your own inetd based server (which is a doddle - it uses stdio so
you can use just about any language you want) if it has to trigered by the
mainframe end at unknown intervals. Then all your mainframe program has to
do is open a socket connecting to that port and print the file through it.

I heard that IBM had a version of Linux that ran on their mainframes - you
could try that ;)


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