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From:Kyle Cordes Date:April 27 1999 5:00am
Subject:Re: Looking for ISP that provides MySQL
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> You might want to try Hurricane Electric 
> <>.  Multiple OC-3's (apparently
> they're litereally down the hall from MAE-West), Linux servers, ssh,
> gcc, and just about everything else you might need including MySQL. 
> And their service is very low cost.
> I can't imagine Hurricane not having what you need.  I've been
> dealing with them for a long time, and I have never had a problem
> with them.

I looked at them and chose to go elsewhere because I needed 
support for both PHP and MySQL, and the versions they had of each 
were terribly obsolete, and they had no interest in upgrading.

I ended up going with Alabanza ( and have found them 
to be easy to work with and economical.  They have PHP 3.0.6 (only 
one step off from current) and MySQL 3.21.x; they said they would 
move up to 3.22.whatever once the 3.22 series was done undergoing 
rapid changes.

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