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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 26 1999 11:49pm
Subject:Flush Error 1064
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>>>>> "Jean-Francois" == Jean-Francois Duvivier <jf.duvivier@stripped>
> writes:

Jean-Francois> Hi,
Jean-Francois> I install MySQL. I change the root password with this command : UPDATE
user SET Password=PASSWORD('new_password')WHERE user='root';
Jean-Francois> When I want flush (flush privileges;), I receive an error 1064.
Jean-Francois> Do you have any idea of this trouble?


(/my/monty/sql) grep 1064 *.h
mysqld_error.h:#define ER_PARSE_ERROR 1064

The above means that your current MySQL version doesn't support the
'flush privileges command.

You have to use 'mysqladmin reload' instead.


You can find information how to do a correct bug report at:
PLEASE read the above before reposting your question, this will save us all
a lot of time!
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