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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 26 1999 11:43pm
Subject:storing Foreign Key definitions
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>>>>> "Robin" == Robin Bowes <robin.bowes@stripped> writes:

Robin> Hi,
Robin> Any idea what the current status of this is?  I thought it was already
Robin> there and am most disappointed that I can't create automatic entity
Robin> relationship diagrams from Visio :o(

Robin> I'll actually have to do some work now... :o)

Robin> R.

Robin> Extract from mamual follows.

Robin> ---------begin manual extract-------------
Robin> 5.2.5 Foreign Keys

Robin> [snip]

Robin> In the near future we will extend the FOREIGN KEY implementation so that
Robin> at least the information will be saved in the table specification file
Robin> and may be retrieved by mysqldump and
Robin> ODBC.



The above must wait until MySQL 4.0;  We will start to work on this
when MySQL 3.23 (including sub selects) are stable.

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