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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 14 2000 3:50am
Subject:Error in MySQL-3.22.30-1.i386.rpm install script
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>>>>> "roger" == roger  <roger@stripped> writes:

>> Description:
roger> On upgrading from 3.22.27 to 3.22.30 via RPMs on a Redhat Linux 6.1
roger> system, I got:

roger> chmod: mysql: No such file or directory

roger> during the install. The offending code in the install script might be:

roger> # Fix permissions for the permission database so that only the user
roger> # can read them.
roger> chmod -R og-rw mysql $mysql_datadir/mysql

roger> This looks suspiciously like a cut-and-paste error from one of the
roger> lines above. As far as I can tell, the error has no effect on the
roger> installation.

Thanks;  I shall take a look at this at once!

Error in MySQL-3.22.30-1.i386.rpm install scriptroger13 Jan
  • Error in MySQL-3.22.30-1.i386.rpm install scriptMichael Widenius14 Jan