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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 13 2000 10:18pm
Subject:Re: Problems w/ ISO 8859-1
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>>>>> "ruschein" == ruschein  <ruschein@stripped> writes:

ruschein> Also sprach Michael Widenius:
>> >>>>> "ruschein" == ruschein  <ruschein@stripped>
> writes:
ruschein> Hi,
ruschein> I'm trying to insert keys that differ only in the accents on
ruschein> the letters into a VARCHAR column.  MySQL complains about
ruschein> duplicate keys.  I need to support ISO 8859-1 or maybe even
ruschein> multibyte characters at some point.  What can I do to have
ruschein> MySQL honour differences in accented charcters?
>> Can you provide an example of this?
ruschein> If I try to insert both "bibliotheque" and "bibliothÈque" into a
ruschein> VARCHAR column I get an error messages about duplicate keys.

The problem here is that the default character map sorts and compares
'e' and 'é' identically.

>> Anyway, you can always create the column as BINARY if you don't want
>> to get correct ISO-8859-1 sorting.
ruschein> I most definitely *want* ISO-8859-1 sorting.

In this case you have to define your own character map;  You can find
information how to do this in the MySQL manual.

>> Regards,
>> Monty

ruschein> Thank you for your response!  BTW, it seems you have met my good friend
ruschein> Carl Vilbrandt in Japan?!

I haven't been in Japan, but David has.  It's probably he who Carl

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