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From:Christopher R. Jones Date:January 14 2000 1:04am
Subject:Re: controling logs in /etc/my.cnf
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I am getting contradictory results.  If I put:
in the my.cnf file, the mysql service will not start on NT.  If I put
nothing in the my.cnf file, the mysql service starts with no logging.  How
exactly do I start the mysql service with logging on NT?


>At 4:47 PM -0700 2000-01-13, Thayne Harbaugh wrote:
>>Yes, I realized that logging is off by default.  I want to know if
>>I can override a --log on the command line with a "log=OFF" in
>>/etc/my.cnf - similar to overriding other command line args in
>>/etc/my.cnf.  Your answer still does not help me with the question
>>of why I can't seem to control which file logs are written to.
>>I'm still waiting for a reply.  It's possible that you just can't
>>do anything but turn logs on with /etc/my.cnf.  If this is the
>>case, please let me know.
>If logs are turned on in an option file, you can't turn them off
>from the command line, unless you specify --no-defaults to suppress
>the use of option files completely.
>The argument to the log option is the name of the log file.  "OFF"
>and "ON" have no meaning except to specify that that's the name you want
>your log file to have.
>If the log file name is relative, it's interpreted relative to the
>MySQL data directory.  If it's absolute, it's used as is.
>Is that what you want to know?
>>Paul DuBois wrote:
>>>  At 1:54 PM -0700 01-13-2000, Thayne Harbaugh wrote:
>>>  >Can logging be controlled by /etc/my.cnf?  I know I can use a "log"
>>>  >entry to turn on logging, but can I turn it off or tell it where
>>>  >to put the log file?
>>>  >
>>>  >I've tried
>>>  >log=OFF
>>>  >log=/foo/bar/baz/mysqld.log
>>>  >set-variable = log=OFF
>>>  >set-variable = log=/foo/bar/baz/mysqld.log
>>>  >
>>>  >The only thing some of these do, however, is turn logs on.  None of
>>>  >them turn logs off or send logs to a different file.
>>>  >
>>>  >Maybe I'm just missing something . . .
>>>  If you don't want any logs, don't put a log= line in the my.cnf
>>  > file.   Logging is off by default.
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