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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 14 2000 12:38am
Subject:Re: controling logs in /etc/my.cnf
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At 4:47 PM -0700 2000-01-13, Thayne Harbaugh wrote:
>Yes, I realized that logging is off by default.  I want to know if
>I can override a --log on the command line with a "log=OFF" in
>/etc/my.cnf - similar to overriding other command line args in
>/etc/my.cnf.  Your answer still does not help me with the question
>of why I can't seem to control which file logs are written to.
>I'm still waiting for a reply.  It's possible that you just can't
>do anything but turn logs on with /etc/my.cnf.  If this is the
>case, please let me know.

If logs are turned on in an option file, you can't turn them off
from the command line, unless you specify --no-defaults to suppress
the use of option files completely.

The argument to the log option is the name of the log file.  "OFF"
and "ON" have no meaning except to specify that that's the name you want
your log file to have.

If the log file name is relative, it's interpreted relative to the
MySQL data directory.  If it's absolute, it's used as is.

Is that what you want to know?

>Paul DuBois wrote:
>>  At 1:54 PM -0700 01-13-2000, Thayne Harbaugh wrote:
>>  >Can logging be controlled by /etc/my.cnf?  I know I can use a "log"
>>  >entry to turn on logging, but can I turn it off or tell it where
>>  >to put the log file?
>>  >
>>  >I've tried
>>  >log=OFF
>>  >log=/foo/bar/baz/mysqld.log
>>  >set-variable = log=OFF
>>  >set-variable = log=/foo/bar/baz/mysqld.log
>>  >
>>  >The only thing some of these do, however, is turn logs on.  None of
>>  >them turn logs off or send logs to a different file.
>>  >
>>  >Maybe I'm just missing something . . .
>>  If you don't want any logs, don't put a log= line in the my.cnf
>  > file.   Logging is off by default.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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