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From:Vivek Khera Date:January 12 2000 4:17pm
Subject:Re: compile error remaining: 'virtual memory exhausted'
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>>>>> "JS" == Jochen Schnapka <Jochen_Schnapka@stripped> writes:

JS> Hi all, 
JS> I'm trying to compile a mysql-3.22.29 on a BSDI-3.1 System (Memory: 128 MByte 
JS> RAM, 256 Mbyte Swap)
JS> While trying some of the options, configuring --with-low-memory or editing
JS> Makefiles changing gcc options to -O0 (don't optimze at all), i get a
JS> 'virtual memory exhausted' error.

It is mostly irrelevent how much physical RAM and swap you have.  What
is important is how much of those resources the OS will allow your
compiler process to use.  In the BSD/OS mailing list archives (at you will find many discusstions on setting these
resource limits.

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