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From:Robin Bowes Date:April 26 1999 12:15pm
Subject:storing Foreign Key definitions
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Any idea what the current status of this is?  I thought it was already
there and am most disappointed that I can't create automatic entity
relationship diagrams from Visio :o(

I'll actually have to do some work now... :o)


Extract from mamual follows.

---------begin manual extract-------------
5.2.5 Foreign Keys


In the near future we will extend the FOREIGN KEY implementation so that
at least the information will be saved in the table specification file
and may be retrieved by mysqldump and
ODBC. Reason NOT to use foreign keys


The only nice aspect of FOREIGN KEY is that it gives ODBC and some other
client programs the ability to see how a table is connected and to use
this to show connection diagrams and
to help in building applicatons. 

MySQL will soon store FOREIGN KEY definitions so that a client can ask
for and receive an answer how the original connection was made. The
current `.frm' file format does not have
any place for it. 
---------end manual extract-------------

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