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From:JEP Date:April 26 1999 5:05am
Subject:CGI-script crashes in web browser, runs fine in shell
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Subject: Re: CGI-script crashes in web browser, runs fine in shell

At , you wrote:
>JEP wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Installed software:
>> Linux 2.0.36 (SuSE 6.0)
>> running mysql 2.22.21
>> apache 1.3.4 mod_perl 1.17
>> perl 5.005
>> When executing for debug purposes a CGI/ perl script at bash
>> prompt, everything fine
>> using the modules, the sript runs fine both at shell prompt and
>> using Netscape / IE4, but quite slow, of course
>> We migrated the data, build indexes, but the script coughs up a  mysterious
>> "Error DBD::mysql::st execute failed: ase Selected at <perlmodule> line
>> We haven't found any reference about this case despite using every search
>> engine even in the mailing list archive
>> Eternal grafetulness for charitable soul who can help
>> TIA
>> Jean Eric PREIS
>> Jep sez:
>Could you provide more detail, such as table schema,
>queries, and relevalt prortions of the Perl script?
>Sasha Pachev
Here's the stuff: very basic dircetkly extracted from PerlCookbok, chap 19

use DBI;
use CGI qw(:standard :html3 :Carp);
use Mysql;

print header(), start_html("yo les cakes!");
print start_form;
print " <b> ", scalar localtime , "</b><br> \n";
print "Moien <br>\n";
#foreach $key (keys %ENV) {
#print $key,"\t",$ENV{$key},"<br>\n";
#print system("whoami");
print textfield('SALUT'),"<br>\n";
print submit();
print end_form;
print hr;

# la premiere partie de la form

# Le traitement d'un clic sur le bouton

  print "yo! tu a cherché le noms correspondant à
  # Pour le test avec Xbase
  #  my $dbh =DBI->connect("DBI:XBase:/home/jep/exploit/data/DBFS/") or
  # en exploit, nous sommes sur MySQL

  $dbh =
e,$password) or die $dbh->errstr;
  my  $valeur;
  $valeur= param('SALUT');
  $valeur =~ s/$\s+// ;
  $valeur =uc($valeur);
  my $sqlstring;
  if($valeur =~ m/\b[0-9]+/ ){  # un chiffre determine une recherche par
				# Digits means ID number
    $sqlstring = "select id,nomprenom from tree where id like \'";
  }else{			# ...un autre caractère, une recherche par le nom
				# everything else means nomprenom field as criterion string..

    $sqlstring = "select id,nomprenom from tree where nomprenom like \'";
  $sqlstring .= $valeur;
  $sqlstring .= "%\'";
  print $sqlstring,"\n";
  $sqh = $dbh->prepare($sqlstring) or die $dbh->errstr;
  $sqh->execute or $dbh->errstr;

    my @data;
    @hederz =qw(id nom);
    print Tr(th(@hederz));
    print "</TABLE>*";
    while(@data=$sqh->fetchrow() ) # <-- dies here
# tables stuf deleted	
	print   $data[0],"\t",$data[1],"\t";
# provides some nice links	
	print a({HREF=> "".$data[0]}, qw(Facture ) ),"\t";
	print a({HREF=> "".$data[0]}, qw(Identité )),"\t";
	print a({HREF=> "".$data[0]}, qw(Compte Client )),"\t";
	print a({HREF=> "".$data[0]}, qw(Arbre )),"\t";
	print "<br><hr>\n";

  print end_html();

# la fin du document

# As you can see there's no join
# table tree is a basic customer description, like ID, nomprenom as
char(50) with indexes

Jep sez:

CGI-script crashes in web browser, runs fine in shellJEP26 Apr
  • Re: CGI-script crashes in web browser, runs fine in shellSasha Pachev26 Apr