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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 25 1999 6:43pm
Subject:Compiling Assistance
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>>>>> "Frank" == Frank Fischer <fmfischer@stripped> writes:

Frank>    We have a 'C' application that was originally written for Unix and was
Frank> ported to NT using a tool called NuTCracker which preserves the Unix look
Frank> and feel and simulates a Unix environment under NT.

Frank>    Currently we are in the process of enhancing our application and wish
Frank> to use MySQL as the database server.&nbsp; In order to do this we need
Frank> to be able to talk to the database server via direct socket calls through
Frank> the MySQL C API from a Unix console application running under NT, we have
Frank> the correct socket libraries for NT but not the MySQL library files.&nbsp;
Frank> In order to get our client to talk to the server I need to figure out which
Frank> source modules make up the MySQL libraries (.a files) under Unix and rebuild
Frank> them on our NuTCracker Unix environment on NT.

Frank>    Using the WinSock.dll or the libmySQL.dll is not an option for us so
Frank> can someone tell me what modules I need in order to recreate the .a files
Frank> that Unix uses?


Even if Sasha Pachev is on the right track (why use NT :), I
understand that may not be a possible option for you in this case.

In the MySQL distribution, you will find all files that makes the
libmysql.a file in the 'client' directory.  You will also need the
files in the 'include' directory.

Note that you have to run 'configure' once, as this links a lot of
files into the client directory!

After this, you can just move the above directories + config.h to your 
NuTCracker environment and try to compile this!

The only files you may have to edit is 'config.h' and 'include/global.h'

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