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From:Fred Lindberg Date:April 25 1999 7:55pm
Subject:Re: Win98 & MySQL
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On Sun, 25 Apr 1999 15:49:54 -0400, Vladimir Berezniker wrote:

>dial-up.  I played around with my network settings and was able to speed it up, but
>still I have about 5 second delay for each MySQL request.  Interestingly enough on
>rare occasions it works instantly but that happens very rarely.  As a result it is

This sounds like a DNS lookup delay. To connect, you ask for the
address of the host, there is a delay to get it/time out, then you

How do you connect? To localhost? To To the actual name of
your host? Try a few variants (I have no experience with the Win
version). If the server is on the same machine and there is a way to
connect without the network, try that (there is for Unix, but the
mechanism may not be supported under Win).

-Sincerely, Fred

(Frederik Lindberg, Infectious Diseases, WashU, St. Louis, MO, USA)

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