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From:J-1 Date:April 25 1999 6:03pm
Subject:Re: Instal Mysql on a ISP account
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Hi again,

I was able to install the Mysql server. I now need to make it secure to me
only. I could not install the DBI, Datadumper, Msql-MysqlModuels for perl.
Not quite sure why?

Is there away I can make my copy of mysql start up automatically in case
the server ever whent down? (i am not root)

any help with that is appreciated and if anybody know how to install the 3
perl modules from a user non-root account.

Thanks very much!

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On 4/25/99 at 4:09 PM Hans Kind wrote:

>It all depends on your ISP, if they allow the install of third party
>software. In general, you do not need root access, to install mysql.
>I'm offering my customers a shared mysql database, with both PHP or perl
>support. When this shared mysql database isn't sufficient, you are allowed
>to install your own version of mysql.
>If you need more info, send me a e-mail
>Hans Kind
>At 10:37 25-04-99 -0300, you wrote:
>>I apologize to all if this question was asked before. I cannot recall the
>>Is it possible to install a full mysql server on my ISP (unix account)?
>>I am not the root, I am only a user with a /HTML directory.
>>I do have actress to a cgi-bin directory.
>>I want to be the root of the Mysql database
>>I also would like to me able to install the perl modules
>>If anyone had done this or if you know if this can be done, please let me
>>Thanks a million!
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