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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 25 1999 12:12pm
Subject:Indexes, and how they work
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>>>>> "Martin" == Martin B Jespersen <Martin@stripped>
> writes:

Martin> Hi there,
Martin> I am in the middle of my first large project using MySQL, and i was wondering
> exactly how indexes work with this DB.

Martin> I have earlier used informix for workgroups and with that DB i had to set up a
> cronjob to update the indexes. 
Martin> Do i have to do the same with mysql, and if so, then what would the syntax be
> (i can't seem to find it in the manual).
Martin> If MySQL autoupdates the indexes, is there then somewhere to set a parameter or
> even a few that decides under which conditions it
Martin> should be done, like interval/load/etc.

Martin> thanks in a advance.


MySQL always auto-update indexes.  You can use the -O key_buffer=#
option to mysqld to increase the key buffer size.

(Under some conditions, one can update indexes later with isamchk;
This is described in the MySQL manual)

Indexes, and how they workMartin B. Jespersen22 Apr
  • Indexes, and how they workMichael Widenius25 Apr