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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 7 2000 10:57pm
Subject:Re: MySQL Errors, uncompleted transactions.
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At 3:32 PM -0700 2000-01-07, John McDermon wrote:
>Thanks for the reply, I found the ulimt reference in safe_mysqld and 
>we are going to reconfigure the kernel to increase the file related 
>settings and then run mysqld with ulimit -n unlimited.
>Your response made the project people very happy, so I hit them up 
>for the $$ and just bought a license and 1 year basic support. Not a 
>tax break, but something none the less.
>In the future, how do I get a better description about what an errno 
>really means. I looked in the manual, but I didn't see any guidance 
>about finding out about general errno.
>Thanks again,

MySQL includes a program called perror which can be helpful:

	% perror 23
         Too many open files in system

>>You wrote:
>>US Government likes MySQL it seems -- maybe they could also give our US
>>developers tax deductions -- myself and Matt would like this quite a bit :-)
>>Anyway let's get down to business:
>>Error 23 -- too many open files in system -- means that your OS is 
>>running out
>>of filedescriptors. I have very little experience with HP-UX, so I 
>>would not be
>>able to tell you the specifics of how to do this, but you need to 
>>launch mysqld
>>in such a way that is has more filedescriptors -- on many systems 
>>you would do
>>ulimit -n unlimited in the same shell that starts mysqld before you 
>>start it --
>>don't know if that would work on HP-UX.
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