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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 25 1999 12:54pm
Subject:Runtime error on AIX 4.3.2
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>>>>> "Steve" == Steve HOUCHEN <Steve_HOUCHEN@stripped> writes:

Steve> Hi, everyone.
Steve>      I finally got MySQL 3.22.21 compiled on AIX 4.3.2.  I successfully ran
Steve> the mysql_install_db script, and ./bin/safe_mysqld &

Steve>      I get an immediate core dump when I try to run mysql:

Steve> # mysql
Steve> ERROR 2013: Lost connection to MySQL server during query
Steve> # bin/safe_mysqld[107]: 31306 Segmentation fault(coredump)
Steve> mysqld restarted on  Thu Apr 22 14:52:35 EDT 1999

Steve>      I searched for this error in the archives, and didn't find any helpful
Steve> advice, except for upgrading libc/glibc libraries.  As far as I know, we
Steve> have the lastest stuff on this machine.  Any other ideas?


This sounds like you have to use gdb on the mysqld server to find out
what's wrong.

Please check the 'how to debug mysqld' section in the MySQL manual.
If you can just get a back trace to me I may be able to figure out


Runtime error on AIX 4.3.2Steve_HOUCHEN22 Apr
  • Runtime error on AIX 4.3.2Michael Widenius25 Apr