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From:LZW Date:April 25 1999 10:42am
Subject:Re: Connection over network
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I am a CGI programmer.  The Mysql server and CGI
scripts are running on the same machine.
I just wonder, if I move MySQL server to another
machine and let the CGI scripts establish connection
over network, will that be a performance gain or loss?
I believe that, for now, the CGI scripts talk to MySQL
via unix stream.  If I "split" them apart, they will
talk to each other via TCP/IP (correct me if I am wrong)
So there'd be a bigger overhead upon establishing connection
and the data transfer should be slower ... (am I right?)
But on the other hand, if MySQL has a dedicated server
to it, it can process queries a lot quicker.

I am on a 100MBPS LAN with very low network latency.

Does anyone has a suggestion or ideas?

Thanx :)


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