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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 7 2000 4:12pm
Subject:RE: Backing up database
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At 5:58 AM -0500 2000-01-07, toxalot@stripped wrote:
>I tried changing to the mysql directory where all my tables are stored but
>still the same error.  I tried doing a whereis mysql and was told
>/usr/local/mysql so I cd to that directory and tried again and still same
>This is a shared mysql on my host so maybe I don't have permission to do
>this, but wouldn't it give a different error other than command not found?
>Is it possible that my host has installed mysql without these commands?

It's pretty unlikely.  It's possible that they were installed without
permission for anyone other than root to run them, in which case I'd
point this out to your system administrator.  You can determine this
once you know the pathname to your binaries.  For instance, if mysqldump
is in /usr/local/mysql/bin, try:

	ls -l /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqldump

and see what the permissions are.

>  >> > Also, I have used load data infile before to read text files exported
>>>  > FoxPro to create a database, but how do I create the new database from
>>>  > list of sql statements the dump creates?
>>>  (from command line)
>>>  mysqladmin -uusername -ppassword database < foo.db
>>>  This will recreate and populate the tables and data that were dumped to
>  >> said 'foo.db'   (example db name)

Correct, except that it's mysql, not mysqladmin that will do this.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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