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From:<unknown Date:April 25 1999 5:19am
Subject:Re: Mysql Perl modules
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You might already have checked this out, but you do know that perl 5.005
isn't binary compatible with perl5.004, right?  You have to recompile all
modules that include any C code when you upgrade.

tani hosokawa
river styx internet

On Sat, 24 Apr 1999, Mike Machado wrote:

> I recently upgraded my perl to 5.005_03 and now when I run any of my
> DBI scripts I get Dynaloader: file not found errors. The file
> that it is looking for is exaclly where the error message says it is
> not. now, the file is there and shows to be exacutable but when
> I execute it it segfaults. I have mysql 3.22.21 and both of the lastest
> DBI/Mysql-Msql modules. I just heard another person today installed the
> lastest slackware and has the exact same problem and its the same
> version of perl. the funny thing is if I go get mysql-3.21.33b and use
> the DBI/Mysql-modules with that version everything is fine. I looked at
> the files in the 21.33b tar and it shows MySQL-modules version 2.0091
> which is a very old version. Has anyone had this problem? Oh yeah, all
> is find with versions of perl 5.004_xx. Is this a perl or mysql-modules
> problem?
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