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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 7 2000 12:24am
Subject:MyODBC problems, stage II
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>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Freitas <sflist@stripped> writes:

Steve> Hi all,
Steve> Earlier I posted to the list stating I had trouble with MyODBC 2.50.29 
Steve> and the latest MDAC on NT4 SP4. On the advice from my application server 
Steve> (iHTML) tech support, they recommended I revert to MDAC 1.5c and an 
Steve> earlier MyODBC. So I reverted MDAC and installed MyODBC 2.50.24. That let 
Steve> my app server rise from the dead. :-)

any chance you can try just the old MDAC and the newest MyODBC;  I
don't know of any bugs in the latest MyODBC driver!

Steve> So now I'm running into the following problem. I'm trying a simple select 
Steve> from a database hosted on Linux by MySQL server 3.22.27, and in response 
Steve> I'm getting an error of "[TCX][MyODBC] Table site.talkback doesn't exist".

Steve> So I check in the MySQL server log, and this is what it shows me:

Steve> 000106 14:21:07  3 Connect    root@stripped on site
Steve>                                  3 Query       select path from talkbalk
Steve>                                  3 Quit      

Steve> So in summary, the MySQL server logs the hit properly, but the driver 
Steve> doesn't like what's going on. Of course, I tried running this query on 
Steve> the Linux server in question through the application server locally and 
Steve> it ran fine. Any ideas?

Steve> Also, I didn't check any boxes in the ODBC driver configuration.


It must be the server that generates the above error.  What's wierd is
that the server doesn't know if the client is an ODBC client or any
other client.

Are you REAL sure that there isn't any spelling error or some 'not
blank' character that is interfering?

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