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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 7 2000 12:19am
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>>>>> "elble" == elble  <elble@stripped> writes:

Steven> I think the update to 23.8 and the breaking the tables will let us survive
Steven> the next 2-3 months. :)
>> By then we should have the option of using the new transactions safe
>> tables, which in effect gives you page locks.
>> Do you use fixed record-size or variable record-size tables?
>> For fixed size tables it would be quite easy to add insert even on
>> deleted slots which would of course give you dirty reads, but you can
>> maybe live with this?  In this case we probably need something like
>> INSERT DIRTY for this kind of inserts.

elble> <cry from the peanut gallery>

elble> i used fixed record-size tables and could benefit from this immensely 

elble> in this scenario would DIRTY be mutually exclusive of DELAYED?

No.  It shouldn't be any problems with using INSERT DIRTY DELAYED.

The problem is that I don't think we will have time to look at this
real soon (just too much to do before the PHP developers meeting)...

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