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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 6 2000 7:37pm
Subject:Re: COM/ADO component for MYSQL
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>>>>> "Alok" == Alok Singh <asingh@stripped> writes:

Alok> Hi,
Alok>         What is more important to developers, persisting the resultset or
Alok> making the library ADO Compliant?. To make the library fully compliant, I
Alok> think I will have to store the results in a Collection object that defined
Alok> by COM. Means more memory overhead, slower response times. Anyway, I will
Alok> have more details later today about the interfaces and methods they
Alok> implement.

Sorry, but I am not that familar with ADO as I work mostly on Unix.

Anyway, in the short term ADO compliant is probably more important.
Can't you make this storage of results optional with some option?

Alok> Alok Singh
Alok> asingh@stripped

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