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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 6 2000 12:31pm
Subject:Re: PHP3 and PERL queries> 1 DBMS??
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At 1:10 AM -0800 2000-01-06, nexfactor wrote:
>I have a very curious yet hopely straight forward question which maybe
>someone can answer.
>Is it possible to utilize both PHP3 and PERL 's for quering the same
>system. Our web application has a requirment to allow authorized admin query
>using Perl, while we are very interested in building another core part of
>our system using PHP
>to design application specific functionality.

Yes, it's possible.  The two types of scripts are just different
clients as far as the server is concerned.  Having a DBI script and
a PHP script connecting to the database isn't really fundamentally
any different than having two DBI scripts or two PHP scripts connecting
to the database.  Many people use client programs written in different
languages, choosing one language or another depending on the different
strengths of each language in comparison to the particular task to be

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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