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From:Steve Edberg Date:January 6 2000 10:22am
Subject:Re: Windows Ver of MySQL
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At 9:24 PM -0800 1/5/00, Jose de Leon wrote:
>Can you give me your thoughts on the windows version of MySQL?  How
>well does it work in Windows NT?  What is the performance, are there
>caveats with the windows version versus unix version?  Is the
>stability of the windows version comparable to the UNIX version?

Well, I run MySQL on WinNT4, Solaris and - soon - RedHat Linux. I 
haven't done any comparative benchmarks or stress testing, and my 
applications have been relatively modest so far, but I haven't had 
ANY trouble with the NT version. I'm still using 3.22.4, running as 
an NT service. It's never crashed on its own, but since I have to 
restart NT at least once a week anyway, I don't know about its max 
uptime. It was easy to install, and maintains a small memory 

- steve

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