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From:Rasmus Lerdorf Date:January 1 1970 12:00am
Subject:Re: [PHP3] one more thing
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> Sorry about this, before I forget I have one more question.  We run an ad
> network that consists of PHP pages linking to a mySQL database.  We have to
> upgrade to Oracle because basically mySQL cannot hack the number of ads that
> we are serving, however this is waay in the future.  Currently something is
> causing a memory leak in the database, our 450 keeps going up to 999 Meg
> used (the mySQLd process that is) and then starts swapping and the techs
> have to restart it.

Sounds like the RH-5.1 glibc bug to me.  You didn't mention which OS you
are or even the versions of MySQL and PHP which would have made it easier
to provide a useful response.


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