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Subject:Re: Omit another where clause from original query
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2017/09/19 17:19 ... Don Wieland:
> Of these found rows, I want to omit those rows where there are rows found after the
> END TimeStamp based on ?below ?where clause:
>   WHERE 1 AND apt.appt_status_id IN (16) AND apt.user_id IN (3) AND apt.time_start 
> > ‘1504238399'
> We are trying to find Former Clients who have not been seen after the date range -
> Lapsed Client Report

What are you getting that you want not to see? Certainly if you simply 
left off the upper half of the 'BETWEEN' you would get all those that 
you now get and all that have been left out by being dated over 
Omit another where clause from original queryDon Wieland19 Sep
  • Re: Omit another where clause from original S.ndor21 Sep