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From:Adam Powell Date:April 24 1999 10:03am
Subject:one more thing
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Sorry about this, before I forget I have one more question.  We run an ad
network that consists of PHP pages linking to a mySQL database.  We have to
upgrade to Oracle because basically mySQL cannot hack the number of ads that
we are serving, however this is waay in the future.  Currently something is
causing a memory leak in the database, our 450 keeps going up to 999 Meg
used (the mySQLd process that is) and then starts swapping and the techs
have to restart it.

We use queries such as

$res = mysql("dbname", "SELECT * FROM personal WHERE username='$username'");
$d = mysql_fetch_object($res);
echo "Welcome $d->first_name $d->second_name";

Can anybody tell me any possible reasons, or things to watch out for, that
may be causing any memory leaks?  There are a LOT of pages like the one
above, and I think that something fundamentally wrong is happening in all of

Thanks again,

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