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From:Hery Ramilison Date:April 12 2017 6:19pm
Subject:MySQL Shell 1.0.9 GA has been released
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Dear MySQL Users,

This is the first GA version of MySQL Shell (a component of the MySQL
Server). The MySQL Shell is provided under Oracle's dual-license.

MySQL Shell is an interactive JavaScript, Python and SQL console
interface, supporting development and administration for the MySQL
Server. It provides scriptable API that supports the creation and
management of MySQL InnoDB clusters, as well as a modern fluent CRUD
API for the MySQL Document Store.

The AdminAPI provides an integrated solution for high availability and
scalability using InnoDB based MySQL databases, without requiring
advanced MySQL expertise.

The Document Store DevAPI enables developers and DBAs to create
"schema-less" JSON document collections and perform Create, Update,
Read, Delete (CRUD) operations on those collections with little to
no knowledge of the SQL language.

Additionally, MySQL Shell provides partial compatibility with the
mysql command line client by supporting many of the same command line
options. As with the mysql command line, MySQL Shell can also be used
to connect to and send SQL commands to pre-5.7.12 versions of the
MySQL server using the standard MySQL network protocol.

For more information about how to configure and work with an InnoDB cluster

For more information about how to use MySQL Shell and the MySQL Document
Store support see

For full documentation on MySQL Server, MySQL Shell and related topics,

If you want to write applications that use the the CRUD based X DevAPI
use the latest MySQL Connectors for your language of choice. You can
also find documentation about Connectors in the MySQL documentation

For more information about how to download MySQL Shell, see

We welcome and appreciate your feedback and bug reports, see


Changes in MySQL Shell 1.0.9 (2017-04-12)

    Functionality Added or Changed

      * In SQL mode, support was added for \G to display the SQL
        result vertically.
        The --vertical (or -E) command line option was added to
        display all result sets vertically. This sets the
        shell.options.outputFormat variable to "vertical". (Bug

    Bugs Fixed

      * The MYSQLPROVISION environment variable is no longer
        supported or required by MySQL Shell. (Bug #25733261)

      * mysqlprovision copyright text was missing the current
        year. (Bug #25725965)

      * Access to schema objects using property syntax
        (db.collection) was not automatically available. (Bug

      * The mysqlprovision binary was not built by default when
        compiling from source. (Bug #25699824)

      * Executing print with the --execute option could cause
        MySQL Shell to stop unexpectedly. (Bug #25684798)

      * SQL import operations would fail if multiple-line
        comments were present in the SQL being imported. (Bug

      * When using dba.configureLocalInstance(), error messages
        generated due to a configuration file update failure
        would not report the cause of failure but a misleading
        error message of its core code. (Bug #25593140)

      * On Windows, error handling was improved to better notify
        the user when the system's Python does not support SSL.
        (Bug #25534469)

      * dba.checkInstanceConfiguration() was not documented in
        the dba global variable help. (Bug #25487579)

      * A dissolved cluster object was not being correctly set as
        invalid, meaning it was possible to access its methods
        and properties. The fix ensures that dissolved cluster
        objects are correctly detected and a new error similar to
        Can't call function 'function_name' is generated when
        executed on a dissolved cluster. (Bug #25141048)

      * Global DB object properties could change their semantics
        at runtime. For example, the property giving the schema
        name could later be displayed as a table object. This was
        related to how cached objects were given precedence. Now,
        on object retrieval, the cache is only accessed if the
        requested member is not a fixed member of the class. (Bug

      * The addInstance() method did not function on remote MySQL
        instances. (Bug #24832550)

      * MySQL Shell was not detecting changes made manually to
        the cluster topology to use Group Replication
        multi-primary mode
        (group_replication_single_primary_mode=OFF). MySQL Shell
        was not showing the read-write abilities of the
        instances. (Bug #24756046)

      * On Unix, MySQL Shell was showing the password used to run
        the command in the operating system process list.

On behalf of the MySQL Shell and MySQL Release Team,
Kent Boortz & Hery Ramilison
MySQL Shell 1.0.9 GA has been releasedHery Ramilison12 Apr